What is soulful Leadership


    Organisations globally are faced with a common challenge. Whilst recognising the world around them is constantly and rapidly evolving ‘How do we maintain a strong position in our market whilst at once adapting and transforming to sustain a future that ensure we remain relevant’.


    We know that this transformational journey requires ongoing organisational shifts in the employee Mindset and Skillset as well as the physical and cultural Conditions across the business.


    What we also know is that this transformational journey will only work when Leaders are willing and open to accept and embrace the essential role they play as catalysts to this change.

For this, we believe, Leaders need to start leading ‘with Soul’.

The Challenge for Soulful Leaders?


How might we uncover our Leadership Soul, exponentially scale our impact, and identify the truly unique value we can offer?

How do we balance our role as active catalysts for change whilst accepting, with empathy and kindness, the journey for each of us will run at different speeds and
generate different emotions?

How do we offer our organisation a clarity of purpose, and vision for the future, whilst facilitating and enabling them to ‘make this their own?

How ready are we to accept the breadth of the shadow our Leadership casts, and the role we play in being exemplars of the right behaviours, and all that entails?

How do we empower our people to experiment, take risks, and make bold decisions whilst providing the clarity and direction they need to thrive?


Exploring and elevating the impact of your Leadership Soul – The essence of Soulful leadership.

Leading with absolute clarity – Being able to effectively articulate a clearly define the unique value you offer the world, on both a personal and organisational level, is essential to Soulful Leadership. and will allow you to lead, take decisions and from a position of absolute clarity.

Empathise with your people and show humility – Leaders who are willing to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses can learn to harness both within their leadership. It will allow them to connect with their people on a different level, and provide them with new a different insights to guide their decision making.

Tune in to the system around you – Moving away from a reactive approach to leadership that deals with the immediacy of what’s in front of them and creating space to reflect on what’s happening in the system will offer Leaders an expanded insight into their organisation and help them more easily ascertain the right course of action.

Take care of yourself – know yourself and be kind to yourself. Recognise the journey you on are to becoming a better version of you is a potentially bumpy road. Be patient and appreciate that ‘failures’ on the way are a fundamental part of this developmental process.

Exploring the principles of Soulful Leadership will enable your Leaders to better understand themselves and the impact they can have within their organisation.

It will help them find a path to answering the inevitable challenges they will face when leading through change, challenge and uncertainty.

It will enable Leaders to develop a clearer understanding of their reality and guide them to making better and more astute decisions as a result.

Phil King & Cass go on a journey to…