Coaching Contract


You will be asked to review and accept our coaching agreement before you finalise you booking. This is what it says.


I will honour the principles of generosity and trust on which this service is based. I will aim to arrive for my session on time and ready to give my full attention to the coaching journey.

I recognise that my coach’s livelihood depends on my generosity and the spirit of fairness and equity. I will consider with care what I can afford and the value of my experience.

If I need to cancel or reschedule my session for any reason, I will give as much notice as possible. If I give less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation, I will make a fair donation to support my selected coach.

I am at least eighteen years old.


I will treat you with respect and my full attention. I will treat all you tell me in confidence, except where disclosure is required by law. I may discuss our conversations during coaching supervision sessions, which are also confidential.

If I need to cancel a session for any reason, I will give as much notice as possible.

I will adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors.

I will store and dispose of any records created during coaching in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy, and complies with the Data Protection Act and any other applicable laws and agreements. I will not make any recordings of our sessions without your explicit consent. You can read our detailed privacy policy here

I do not have the answers to your challenges, but I am committed to working with you to explore them and help you identify how to move forward and find all you want for yourself.