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    ‘What got you where you are, won’t get you where you’re going’

Leadership Development


It is becoming increasingly clear that the role of Leaders in Organisations is dramatically evolving. To stay relevant, and navigate the complexity of their environment, it is the responsibility of Leaders to step into the challenge of understanding the new skills and mindsets required to guide their organisation’s on this path.


My passion and experience lies in working with Leaders and organisations to understand precisely what agile Leadership looks like in reality. I bring this to life through the design and delivery of tailored development programmes and coaching.


The aim of these interventions? To fundamentally and exponentially elevate Leadership Impact and provide absolute clarity on what is required of them now and in the future.

Consultancy – Organisational Development

New strategic insights for your Organisation

I will provide new insights and perspectives to your organisation irrespective of where you are on your journey, and bring the latest thinking from across the world into our discussion.

Understanding your Business

I will hold up the mirror to what’s happening in your organisation and explore with you the most challenging issues that need to be addressed.

Planning for the future

I draw on numerous years of experience, both in large scale transformations and intimate coaching exchanges, allowing me to offer a level of expertise that will help you build the sustainable and successful organisation you aspire to become.

Let the journey begin

I will be with your organisation every step of the way from here. Contact me for a consultation.

Leadership Coaching

Uncover your potential

My intention is to help Leaders find new ways to see themselves and their possibilities, and accompany them on a journey of reflection and self awareness. Drawing on over 1000 hours of Leadership coaching experience, I aim to help clients explore fundamental questions, such as “What is the unique value I offer?”, “What makes me the Leader I am?” and “How can I scale my leadership to increase my impact?”

Elevate your impact

It’s also my intention to make this service available to all, irrespective of current financial or employment status. I have experienced first hand the remarkable impact that coaching can have on transforming people’s lives and am determined to provide the opportunity for people to experience the abundant benefits of great coaching during times of both austerity and prosperity

Discretionary pay

To this end you are free to access this service and pay only as much as you can afford, or feel is appropriate based on the experience you receive.

Phil King

Founder and Managing Director


Learning and Organisational Development Leader, facilitator and coach, who brings a passion, enthusiasm and sense of purpose to my work. I have a clear vision for how organisations can transform their impact in a way that engages customers and employees to new levels.

Commercial experience

With over 20 years experience working within both SMEs and large multi national corporations, I’ve held a variety of Leadership roles across Commercial management, Business Development, Training, Coaching and Learning and Organisational development.

Qualified coach

I’m an experienced and professionally qualified Coach working with Leaders on all levels to understand how they can generate a momentum and passion within their people and massively increase  their impact.

Accredited Leadership Trainer

I’m also an accredited Leadership development trainer and facilitator ,with a proven track record of success in helping leaders and organisations release their true potential.

Accreditations and testimonials

Phil has turned my business around by supporting us through this tumultuous year, and putting us on the right track to move forward with the times…


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